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What to Consider Before Building a Home in Ottawa

Building a home in Ottawa is a big decision and it’s important to feel prepared and informed about the process. When we start a new project, we always take the time to explain what our clients should expect and we help them with everything—from finding the perfect lot and designing the house to picking final finishes and being available for warranty and aftercare.

During discussions with clients, we ask a lot of questions to ensure we’re designing and building a home that they will love and will suit their needs, today and in the future. Below are some of the topics that we cover and could be useful if you’re considering building a home in Ottawa.

What is the function of the home?
Beyond the obvious, it’s important to consider the purpose of your home.

  • If you’re still working, do you plan to stay once you retire?
  • Will you have family living with you at any point such as parents or adult children?
  • Do you plan on entertaining or is your home a sanctuary only for family and close friends?

Understanding the function of your home will dictate design elements, so it’s worth the time to discuss your current and future needs from your home.

Where do you want to live?
Some clients forget that when they’re building a home, they have the luxury of choosing which neighbourhood to live in. We can build their dream home on an infill property or vacant lot, so it’s crucial to spend time evaluating different areas of the city to determine the best place to put down roots.

What amenities and luxury upgrades do you want?
There are countless upgrades you can make to your home and it’s always more cost-effective to plan for luxury amenities during the initial build, rather than adding them later. Make a list of all the features you want in your home and make sure to discuss them with your custom home builder to see how they can be incorporated.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Custom Home Build Process

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