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What Is an Infill Home?

Infill homes refers to a new build in an already established neighbourhood. This includes demolishing an existing structure to build a custom home, converting a single-family home to a duplex or major refurbishing or an existing home on the lot.

Building a custom home in an established neighbourhood has many advantages but also comes with its own unique challenges. It’s important to partner with a company that has extensive knowledge about building an infill property in Ottawa.


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Specialized Infill Services

The idea of building on an infill lot can be very overwhelming when you consider all that has to be done including city ordinances, the connection of gas, water and electricity, as well as the demolition project itself. Fortunately, the experts at Omega Homes are eager to help you through the entire project from choosing the right property to demolishing the existing building, all the way through to designing and building your dream home. 

We will ensure that every step of the process is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail, city laws, regulations, and limits. Our approach helps protect you from potential insurance claims by ensuring that excavating and construction doesn’t impede the structural integrity of any homes around you.

For a high-quality custom designed home that looks fantastic on your infill lot, choose Omega Homes.

Teardown & Removal

Streetscape Considerations

Design & Build

Interior Design & Décor

Everything Else To Make The Process Turn Key

Benefits of an Infill Property

When Ottawa residents are looking to build their custom homes, they often will overlook plots of land with an existing building as they either don’t think it’s financially viable to tear down an old building, or they don’t process the opportunity altogether; they automatically think they can’t build their custom home on a plot of land that already has a home on it. In reality, there are several benefits to building your custom home on an infill property. 

The primary benefit of choosing an infill property to build your home is that you can build a brand new home in an established neighbourhood where you can have neighbours, established landmarks, landscaping, and more. This way, you don’t need to worry about waiting for the rest of the neighbourhood to be built around you. This also gives you the opportunity to build your dream home in an up-and-coming neighbourhood during its revitalization period. Plus, the cost of demolition for an existing building is often not as high as you’d think and can be allotted into the budget without much sacrifice. 

Live in a Desirable Neighbourhood

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to go with an infill property in Ottawa is the ability to build in your chosen neighbourhood. Whether it’s the proximity to a specific school district or work, building an infill home means living close to the amenities that are important to you and your family.

An additional benefit of building an infill home is that you can build your custom dream home in a an area that is undergoing revitalization—allowing for the possibility of increasing your property value.

Customize Your Home

Building an infill home means that you can build your dream home in the best location. Since the existing structure will be removed, it leaves you with a blank slate to customize your home and take advantage of the lot and landscape.

Omega Homes can help you with the whole custom home build process—from finding the perfect location to bringing your vision to life. We help our clients see the possibilities of their chosen infill property.

Commuting and Travel

Sometimes when looking for a new house, people find the perfect home—but it’s located far away from their work, family or friends. Other times, they find the perfect location, but the home is less desirable.

Building an infill home means that you can pick your perfect location and design your dream custom home.

Our Custom Home Build Process

Holmes Approved Homes Custom Home Builder

In 2020, Omega Homes had the honour of being included in the Holmes Approved Homes Program. The Holmes Approved Homes program was created by Mike Holmes–a trusted and celebrated Canadian builder and contractor–to provide Canadian homebuyers with a house that’s built right the first time. Builders that are a part of the program are committed to Make It Right® and building a home with trust and integrity.

To be certified in the Holmes Approved Homes Program, all of our homes must go through an on-site inspection including on-site field reports by Holmes-approved inspectors. The Holmes team will review the build at least three times during various stages of construction. After the build is complete, homeowners will receive a certification binder and an inspection certificate which is documented proof that the home is energy-efficient, durable, and built to the highest standards. 

It was a natural progression that Omega Homes would join the Holmes Approved Homes Program because our values have always aligned with Mike Holmes when it comes to providing our customers with high-quality builds, as well as a transparent building process full of creativity, idea sharing, and making dreams a reality.  

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