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Ottawa Infill Homes



Infill housing refers to a new build in an already established neighbourhood. This includes demolishing an existing structure to build a custom home, converting a single-family home to a duplex or major refurbishing or an existing home on the lot. 

Building a custom home in an established neighbourhood has many advantages but also comes with its own unique challenges. It’s important to partner with a company that has extensive knowledge about building an infill property in Ottawa.

Live in a desirable neighbourhood

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to go with an infill property in Ottawa is the ability to build in your chosen neighbourhood. Whether it’s the proximity to a specific school district or work, building an infill home means living close to the amenities that are important to you and your family. 

An additional benefit of building an infill home is that you can build your custom dream home in a an area that is undergoing revitilzation—allowing for the possibility of increasing your property value.


Customize Your Home

Building an infill home means that you can build your dream home in the best location. Since the existing structure will be removed, it leaves you with a blank slate to customize your home and take advantage of the lot and landscape.


Omega Homes can help you with the whole custom home build process—from finding the perfect location to bringing your vision to life. We help our clients see the possibilities of their chosen infill property.

Commuting and Travel

Sometimes when looking for a new house, people find the perfect home—but it’s located far away from their work, family or friends. Other times, they find the perfect location, but the home is less desirable.

Building an infill home means that you can pick your perfect location and design your dream custom home.


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