We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home!


What makes Omega Homes so different than all the other builders?

Our attention to detail and customer service. We have a supervisor on site regularly to take care of any problem that may otherwise be over looked and our committment to customer satisfaction is what really sets us apart from the rest.

Do your homes come with any Warranty?

Yes, we are a registered builder with Tarion Warranty Corporation and our homes come with a 7 year limited warranty.

Can we make changes to the house?

Changes can be made at any stage during the building process. We understand that changes are a part of life when building custom homes and we are as flexible and accommodating depending on the type of request and the timing in relation to the building process. Cost effectiveness, feasibility and any delay are all considered in every change before they are approved.

May I visit my home during construction?

Yes, visits may be made to you home at any time during the construction process. However you will have to notify us in advance so that we may greet you at your house and inform you of any safety hazards and provide you with any safety equipment if required.

Will we be closing on time?

We always try to finish our homes on time and always factor in additional time for delays in our completion dates. However, since we are building custom homes unforeseen delays can occur especially if any changes are made to the original plan. We will always advise you as soon as possible of any foreseen delay in your occupancy.

Can you build a house on my lot?

Yes, we can build on your lot either with your own plans or we can design your dream home together with one of our designers. You will be required to have the appropriate construction mortgage to cover the entire cost of the house and provide the funds at the required stage of the building process also known as “draws”. As well a negotiated deposit for our services will be required prior to construction.

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