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How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home?

It’s essential that you understand how the custom home process works to prevent confusion and misunderstandings. Often, when we first meet with a client, one of their first questions is how long will it take to build their custom home. The answer is—it depends.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the timeline:

  • Do you already have a lot to build on, or are you still looking?
  • Is it an infill lot where a previous structure has to be removed or is it clear?
  • Are you working with an experienced home builder?

Partnering with a reputable company is the best way to keep your custom home build on track. Before you even begin the project, you should have a clear understanding of the timeline and a firm grasp of when you can expect to move into your new home.

To help our clients, we’ve even put together an outline for the process of building a custom home. This helpful sheet outlines the expected time each phase will take and provides a roadmap for our clients to refer to.

We also make sure to keep the lines of communication open and let homeowners know where we are in the process and what they can expect in the coming weeks and months. Since we’re a full-service custom home builder, we can help with every step of the process, from finding the perfect lot to helping pick out final finishes. We’re also available for warranty and service work after our clients have moved in.

To ensure that your custom home is built in a timely manner, make sure you work with the right company.

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