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A Glass Railing Adds a Contemporary Touch to Your Custom Home

A Glass Railing Adds a Contemporary Touch to Your Custom Home


Finishing touches can drastically elevate the overall design of a space. One area that many people overlook is the stair and loft railings. Many homeowners choose metal or wooden pickets because they think that is the only option available, but when you design and build a custom home, you can add elegance and a contemporary touch by using glass railings instead.

An Open View

Even though you can see through pickets, they still break up the sight line. Using solid glass provides unobstructed views and can make a space seem more spacious. Glass rails are also a popular option in an open-concept design because it helps maintain continuity throughout the home.

Safe Option

Glass railings can provide all the same safety as traditional picket railings because the glass is tempered. This type of thick glass provides all the support needed to ensure stairways and lofts throughout the home are safe.


When installing a glass railing, you can customize every component—from the tint of the glass to the material of the banister and support structure. With a high level of customization, glass railings allow you to add a contemporary touch to your custom home but also blend with your specific aesthetic design.

It’s important to pay attention to the details when building a custom dream home because they can really make a difference in the overall design. When you partner with Omega Homes, we have the experience and knowledge to help you design and build a luxurious home that fits your specific needs.

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At Omega Homes, we only employ the top professionals in the field. From architects and designers to expert trades, our team can turn your dream home into a reality. At Omega Homes, we don’t just build you a house, we build you a home.

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