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Incorporate Marble Throughout a Custom Home


Marble is a classic finish that never goes out of style. When building a customized living space, you can incorporate marble throughout a custom home that will help achieve a cohesive—and luxurious—design. Three popular areas to use marble are the kitchen, bathroom and living areas.

Design a Luxurious Kitchen
Marble slabs can be used for countertops, island-tops or even be installed as backsplash. Installing a slab with intricate marbling can provide a stunning focal point, especially when used for a waterfall counter.

Create a Sleek and Modern Bathroom
Marble can really elevate the design in the bathroom. By using the same tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, you can tie the whole home design together, or you could opt for a larger bathroom tile in the same colouring. Using different sizes of marble tiles in the same colour can create a cohesive design while ensuring there are unique elements throughout the home.

Living Area
A subtle way to incorporate marble in living areas is to clad fireplaces with large tiles or even a marble slab. Instead of using marble on the floor, a marble mantle or surround can add sophistication to the area and can create a dramatic effect.

It’s important to remember that there can be increased care and maintenance required when installing marble. If you’d like to incorporate the look—but not the upkeep—of natural marble, quartz is the perfect solution. This man-made product is low-maintenance and can replicate the aesthetic of marble without any of the maintenance.

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