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Don’t Forget Landscaping Design for Your Dream Home


As you begin the process of creating your dream home, it’s easy to get caught up in everything you’d like to see happen inside your home and forget to plan how you’d like the outside to look. Landscaping design becomes a piece of cake when inspiration strikes, and that’s where Omega Homes comes in. There are hundreds of ways to customize the area around your home, but the newest trends this year are some of the best we’ve seen!

The best of upcoming landscape design trends include:

Mixed Turf

Not only does combining different grass types create a brand-new look, it can require less maintenance. You can combine faux-turf with prairie grass for a whimsical feel that doesn’t require mowing or as much (if any!) watering.

Water-Saving Irrigation Technology

Trying to lower our carbon footprint on the planet is something people all over the world are making an effort to do. Water conservation is a major way to help, and technology is the answer! New irrigation systems available on the market have advanced by miles over the years and can help homeowners effortlessly save water through smartphone apps. Keep your plants healthy, landscape design neat and the planet green

Outdoor Living

Embrace the outdoors in 2017 and spend more time breathing fresh air. This year sees a big increase in outdoor kitchens and comfortable patio spaces. Spending time outside is proven to reduce stress for better moods and a better lifestyle.

Whatever you dream up for your landscape design, Omega Homes will make it happen! We are committed to our customers and pride ourselves in being completely adaptable to your needs.

There’s nothing our team of top architects, designers, professional trades and staff can’t handle — contact us today to begin making your dream a reality.



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