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Building a Vastu Shastra Home

Building a Vastu Shastra Home

Literally translated, Vastu Shastra means “science of architecture” and is a traditional Hindu system of building that focuses on creating spaces that radiate positive energy. When building a Vastu Shastra home, it’s important to focus on the placement of structural elements, the flow of the home and even finishing design elements.

Front Door Entrance

Positive and negative energies can enter and exit the home through the front door, so its placement is extremely important. If possible, the front door should be facing north, north-east, east or west and—if possible—be made of wood. Additionally, the front entrance should be clear of clutter, have lighting over the entranceway and include a threshold of wood or marble to absorb any negative energy entering the home.

Layout of the Home

To build a Vastu Shastra home, it’s important to pay attention to the layout—especially in relation to which rooms are next to one another and in what direction they’re facing. For example, the master bedroom should be in the south-west corner of the home and be the largest room. However, the kitchen is best situated in the south-east corner and should not be located directly below a bedroom.

Finishing Details

Materials and colours are also an important consideration when building a Vastu Shastra home. Green is the colour for rooms located in the northern part of the home, while red and yellow are best suited in the south. White or light blue is perfect in the east while dark blue and white are good for the west. There are also considerations about where to place flowers and plants and when and where materials like marble should be used.

It can be hard to find a prebuilt home that adheres to the Vastu Shastra principles, which makes designing your own space an attractive option. When building your own custom house in Ottawa, you can ensure you’re building a Vastu Shastra compliant home by having control over every detail from the entryway position to the final paint colours.

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