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Best Custom Home Size in Ottawa


When potential clients contact us, they often want to know what sized homes we build. Some people are looking for a smaller home, while others are looking for a space where their family can grow. We’ve built a number of different custom homes in Ottawa of varying sizes and rather than focusing on square footage, we work to ensure we’re building a home that fits our client’s needs.

Sometimes the size of the home will be dictated by the lot and town bylaws. Depending on where you build your home, there could be restrictions on the overall home size or how close to the property line a home can be built. Before designing your custom house, we always take into consideration any limitations on home size before we begin designing.

Once we know how big—or small—the home can legally be, we work with clients to design a space that will fit their needs. Often, people come to realize that they didn’t need a bigger home, just one where the space was better laid out.

There is no one best size for a custom home—the perfect size will depend on the homeowner’s wants, lot size, budget and any applicable bylaws. Currently, we have floor plans for a range of different sized homes, but we’re not limited to those designs. We work with each client individually to determine the best size and layout for their custom home and always ensure that each square foot is being properly used.

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