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Unique Custom Home Features to Include in Your Design

Unique Custom Home Features to Include in Your Design

When designing a house, you have the opportunity to add custom home features that couldn’t be easily found in a pre-built home. Adding the amenities and features you want and need will help ensure that your new home is the perfect fit for you and your family.

Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace

While a fireplace can be found in a pre-built home, when designing a custom home, you have the opportunity to include a fireplace in some unconventional places. Whether you’re adding a fireplace to a master bedroom or bathroom or outside on the deck—you can add ambiance and warmth throughout the home.

Upstairs Laundry Room

Often, laundry rooms are an afterthought and not a unique custom home feature. By installing a place for a washer and dryer on the second floor, you make laundry easier by not having to travel downstairs to the basement or mud-room. With the right finishes and upgrades, a second-floor laundry room can be an elegant space that adds value and functionality.

Indoor Sauna

There’s no limit to what can be included in a custom home. Living in Ottawa, the winter months can be cold and harsh. A unique custom home feature that we’ve included in the past is an indoor sauna. Our customers wanted to be able to relax like they were at their favourite spa—but without ever leaving home.

Wine Cellar

A popular custom home feature to include in new builds is a wine cellar. Many people have wine collections or would like to begin collecting building a wine storage space in the home can showcase the collection while keeping it at the appropriate temperature.

Whatever type of unique custom home feature you want to include, Omega Homes can help!

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