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Your Outdoor Space


When designing your dream home, don’t forget about the outdoor space. There are many fun and modern ways to create an outdoor oasis that will make your backyard both comfortable and attractive.

Water Feature

The addition of a fountain or pond to your backyard can add some tranquility. A water feature makes an excellent focal point if it’s placed in the center of your yard, or can provide some gentle background noise and aesthetic if placed off to the side.

Deck Lights

Small LED lights placed along the edge of your deck and on its steps can make your outdoor yard more comfortable and safer. Plus, LED lights are highly energy efficient, so you can keep your deck illuminated longer knowing you’re not using a lot electricity.

Build a Walkway

If you have a large yard, you may consider incorporating a whimsical, weaving walkway to guide visitors to your garden or any other attractive features you are planning to build. You may choose to use poured concrete pavers or go the rustic route with natural stone.

Heat Things Up

Have you always dreamed of a fire pit but think a hole in the ground isn’t the look you’re going for? Consider a raised “pit” that’s made of beautiful stacked stone with comfortable lounge chairs around it. You may also opt for gas versus a natural, wood-fire pit!

Add a Fence

When designing your ideal outdoor space—make sure to take into consideration what kind of fencing you’re going to need. For example, if you’re installing a pool, a fence is required around the perimeter to comply with bylaws. Other times, a fence can add a design and decorate element in addition to providing security or privacy.

Whatever your vision for your outdoor space is, Omega Homes can help you realize it!

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