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Design a Stunning Outdoor Kitchen for Your Dream Home


Omega Homes offers a number of luxurious design options to customize your property and create a home that reflects your personality and matches your lifestyle. An increasingly popular consideration is the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor cooking spaces can make grilling a family affair, makes summer entertaining easier and increases a home’s value.

We’ve outlined a few popular features that could be incorporated into your luxurious outdoor kitchen.

Built-in BBQ or Grill-top

If you’re an avid griller you’ll need a BBQ with enough features that can keep up with your grilling needs. Basic grills may not have enough power or features to satisfy your specific requirements, so a custom grill might be the best option. Side burners and built-in griddles can also be excellent additions to have near the barbecue.

Built-in Fridge

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a built-in fridge. The convenience of having cold drinks at your fingertips makes outdoor refrigerators the necessary for the ultimate BBQ experience. We recommend stainless steel fridges for their durability in all weather conditions and low-maintenance requirements.

Raised Bar Counters and Cocktail Prep Area

Having a defined bar area for seating and drink preparations allows everyone to feel at ease while still being close to the cooking action. With raised bar counters, your outdoor kitchen will instantly become the hangout spot—which means you’ll always have someone to chat with while you’re cooking.

Add A Touch of Ambiance

Lighting is just as important outdoors as it is inside. Every outdoor kitchen needs a touch of ambiance, but safety should be the first priority when it comes to lighting around an outdoor space. Pathways should be well lit, and lounge/dining areas should have adjustable lighting. Many outdoor kitchens are now fitted with television sets, truly making the outdoor kitchen both the place to cook, eat, relax and entertain. Just make sure it’s properly installed away from the elements and any major heat source.

Whatever you dream up for your outdoor kitchen, Omega Homes can make it happen! We’re committed to our clients and pride ourselves in being completely adaptable to your needs.

There’s nothing our team of top architects, designers, professional trades and staff can’t handle — contact us today to begin making your dream a reality.



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