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What You Need to Know About New Home Builds

What You Need to Know About New Home Builds

What You Need to Know About New Home Builds

People choose to build a custom home because they want to live in a space that suits their needs and lifestyles. With a custom home, you can ensure that you’re happy with every part of the design and that your new home build reflects your needs.

When you purchase a new home build, as a homeowner you should want to be as involved as possible in the process. It is also important to educate yourself on what the process is of the specific home builder that you partner with.

To ensure that you have a good experience with your custom home, here are some things you should know about new home builds:

The Home Should Work For Your Specific Needs
Your custom home builder should take the time to understand what you are looking for in a custom home. They should ask questions about your lifestyle, goals, and what your want items are versus your wish items. Whether you are keen to include marble countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms, design a fully functioning outdoor kitchen and dining space for your backyard, or incorporate smart home features to improve energy efficiency and reduce your home’s carbon footprint, your home builder should be able to take this information and design a home that hits all your requirements and falls within your budget.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected
Even with the best preparation, there is a possibility that things will change with your custom home build. Whether it’s a building delay due to weather, or an unforeseen problem with permits, don’t expect that your custom home build will be problem-free. Instead, make sure you’re working with a home builder that is able to tackle any unexpected issues and be honest and straightforward with you about your timeline, budget and build.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions
Your custom home builder is working for you and you’re putting a lot of trust in their hands. Make sure you are comfortable with them and are not afraid to ask hard questions. Having a good line of communication and feeling open to talk about everything from design elements to contract amendments are important in having a successful relationship

Our Custom Home Building Process
At Omega Homes, we like to plainly lay out our entire custom home building process for our clients so there are no surprises when it comes to how we go about building their home! Here is a breakdown of our 13 step process;

  1. Contact Us – The first step in any custom home project is getting in contact with your builder! You will be able to find examples of our past builds on our website, giving a sense of our previous work and styles of homes that we have built.
  2. Initial Meeting – This is one of the most important steps early in the process! It gives us a chance to learn more about each other, laying out your dream home’s requirements, budget, and any other important information you think we should know about before creating a proposal.
  3. Proposal – After our initial meeting, we will provide you with a proposal based on all the information you gave us about what you want in your perfect custom home. This proposal will present the costs associated with building your home, giving you a better idea of how your budget can be utilized!
  4. Lot Selection – Depending if you already have a lot to build on, this step is optional. If you require assistance with finding an empty lot in the Ottawa area, we can absolutely help you secure one that fits your specific needs!
  5. Agreement – After selecting a lot and getting approval on the proposal, the time has come to sign the agreement! Highlighting key completion dates, after signing the agreement we will have the go ahead to move forward with the design portion of the process.
  6. Design Consultation & Creation – This next step will have you meet with one of our team’s architectural designers to give us a sense of your home vision and goals. After that initial consultation, our team will spend the next 8-10 weeks creating a preliminary design, making revisions based on your feedback until the final plans are approved!
  7. Obtain Permit – This step falls on us, and simply involves gathering all the necessary documents to submit them for a building permit. Once the permit is issued, it is time to start moving forward with the build.
  8. Excavation – At this point, we will begin excavating and clearing the lot you have chosen as required. While we do the manual labour, you can spend this time thinking about cabinets, countertops, and other interior design elements!
  9. Framing – After completing the necessary excavation, we will begin framing your custom home! This will take another 8-10 weeks to complete, and we always suggest using this time to select the plumbing fixtures you wish to see in your home!
  10. Rough-Ins – After the frame of your home is erected, it will take approximately another 8-10 weeks to fully insulate and apply the exterior finishes. While you take this time to decide on light fixtures, trim, and paint, you can expect the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems to be put in place!
  11. Finishes & Completions – The last few months of the building process are spent on drywall and interior finishing touches. This is when your choices of cabinets, countertops, and flooring will be installed.
  12. Closing & Moving In – Now that your custom home is built and you are entirely happy with the result, we’ll hand over the keys and complete the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and walkthrough!
  13. Warranty & After Service – Just because you’ve moved in doesn’t mean our work is done! We will remain available to fix any outstanding issues, as well as to address any warranty concerns that arise. Remember, an Omega custom home is always covered under Tarion Warranty!

While people have a misconception that custom home builds are daunting, when you work with the right builder, it’s actually a straightforward and transparent process!

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