We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home!

Turn Your Vision into Reality with a Custom Dream Home


2017 can be the year that you finally build your custom dream home. When you partner with Omega Homes, you have a trusted team at your disposal throughout the entire process. It will always be about your vision, your wants and your budget; we are here to help you create and realize your dream.

Omega Homes can take care of everything. Our team of qualified staff will help you in designing, planning, building, installing and adding any final touches of décor. With our skilled team of designers, architects and trades – you and your custom dream home will be in good hands. Each expert brings a different point of view to the project and provides insight based on their area of expertise. Having the best team assembled from the very beginning allows you to rest easy knowing that all aspects of your custom dream home are taken care of by professionals.

Building your dream home should be a dream experience!

Through the construction phase, we have a supervisor on site regularly to oversee the build. We believe in being open and transparent with our clients and welcome you to check in on the progress of your home whenever you’d like. We always want to ensure that your vision is coming to life as you’ve expected!

Omega Homes understands that even with the best laid – plans, changes will occur. Unlike other builders, we are flexible when a client has a change of heart about aspects of their custom dream home. We will always work with you to discuss how changes will affect the build, budget and completion date and find a solution to ensure that you are happy. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled and we have the determination and duty to build you not just a house, but a home you love for you and your family.

We are a registered Tarion custom home design builder and specialize in modern, stylish homes. The design process with Omega Homes is stress-free and we firmly believe that to make your dream a reality requires a blend of home building ideas, creativity, communication and organization. The result is a custom dream home that matches your needs, lifestyle and personality.

Take a look at our gallery of past homes to get inspired and contact us today start the process of turning your dream into a reality in 2017!





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