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Smart Features to Incorporate into Your Dream Home


Automated (or smart) homes are becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of different appliances, gadgets and software that are available to make our homes more secure and efficient. Rather than trying to retrofit your space after the fact, make sure you include all the amenities that you’d want from the beginning—including smart features that will enhance security, entertainment and efficiency in your home.


It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have cameras added to their home to enhance security—but now there are full-blown smart security systems that can be accessed at any time through your phone. You can have systems installed that can video monitor all doors and windows, allow you to speak to someone at the front door or even lock or unlock doors—all from your smartphone.


There are many smart features that can be incorporated into your dream home to increase efficiency; smart lights that automatically turn off when people leave the room or smart thermostats that predict when to turn furnaces and air conditioners on and off are some of the most popular options. You can even have smart blinds installed that will automatically close to prevent sun from warming rooms in the summer or stay open to naturally warm your home in the winter.


Integrated home audio, mood lighting or an outdoor movie screen can all be built into your custom dream home to enhance your entertainment.

There are countless possibilities to incorporate smart features into your dream home. Our design experts work with each client individually to assess their needs and determine which smart features fit best into their dream home.

With Omega Homes building your Ottawa custom home, you’ll have our group of top architects, trades and our fully trained and licensed staff working together to build your perfect home—there’s nothing we can’t handle!

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