We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home!

Moving to Ottawa? Omega Homes Is Your Custom Home Builder!


If you know you’ll be moving to Ottawa in the future, you’re likely familiar with the real estate market in the area by now and have an idea about your options. But have you considered building your custom dream home instead of moving into an existing house? If you’re moving to Ottawa in the next year or so, Omega Homes can make your dream home a reality—we’re the Ottawa custom home builder that meets your needs every step of the way!

Building your own custom home is something you’ve spent your whole life working towards and requires a trusting relationship with your builder. Here at Omega Homes, we’re fully committed to you every step of the way—our determination and responsibility to build you not just a house but a home shines throughout the building process.

We offer everything you could ever want for your Ottawa custom home, whether it’s award-winning design, the highest quality building materials, superior craftsmanship or a fully transparent and trustworthy builder, Omega Homes is there for you. We pride ourselves on being completely adaptable while maintaining our high standards of quality workmanship and excellent results.

We understand that making your dream home a reality comes down to communication; that’s why we stay fully connected with you through the entire process and focus on building excellent customer relationships. We take our work very seriously; after all, your new home is where you and your family will be most comfortable and is therefore your biggest investment!

With Omega Homes building your Ottawa custom home, you’ll have our group of top architects, trades and our fully trained and licensed staff work together to build your perfect home—there’s nothing we can’t handle!

Contact Omega Homes for your Ottawa custom home and make the dream home you’ve always envisioned a reality.



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