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Why You Should Look into The Insulation of Your Attic This Season


The cold weather is approaching faster than we’d like to admit! This onset of cool temperatures means that it’ll soon be time to switch from cold air to warm air in your home. During the cold months, your home heating system is working to effectively warm your home and keep you comfortable, but a lot of the warm air produced can quickly escape through your attic if it’s improperly insulated. This results in costing you a lot of money in energy bills all winter because your home cannot retain its heat, forcing your furnace to work more than it should. If you’ve noticed a pattern in significantly costlier bills in the winter, it’s time to consider if it’s worth having the insulation in your attic looked at to avoid high bills this fall.

If you live in a colder climate, like here in Canada, it will be expensive to heat your home all winter no matter what. But why pay more when you truly don’t have to? Energy prices are rising about 6 months or so, so saving money by repairing inefficiencies in houses is one of the top priorities for homeowners across Ontario! The long-term payoff of insulating your attic is very impressive. You could see your energy bills go down by 10 to even 50 percent, depending on the existing levels of insulation.

Insulating your attic isn’t just reflected in your energy bills in the winter and the cozier months spent indoors ahead. You’ll also notice a reduction in your energy bills next summer as insulating your attic will help retain cool air within your home and force less work upon you air conditioner.

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