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Design Inviting Indoor Spaces for Your Custom Home


Living in Ottawa has many advantages, but the winters can cause us to spend a lot of time indoors. To make the most of your custom home, it’s important to consider how you’ll be using the space during the colder weather and be sure to incorporate custom comfort items like heated floors, multiple fireplaces and natural elements.

Heated floors can help keep the home cozy during the winter. While installing radiant heating throughout the whole house can ensure anywhere you walk will be warm, the most common places to incorporate this luxury feature is in the kitchen and master suite. When designing your custom home, think about where you’ll be spending the most time in the winter and consider heated floors to keep the space warm and inviting.

Fireplaces can add ambiance but can also provide a secondary source of heat should a winter storm knock out the power. Having a central fireplace in the family or living room will keep common areas warm, but it’s also a nice touch to install a fireplace in the master bedroom. It’s always best to design and build a fireplace during new construction as it can be harder to install a fireplace later on.

Choosing natural finishes is another way to keep the interior warm and cozy while the snow falls outside. You could choose to install natural hardwood flooring or decide to decorate the space with plants and wood accent pieces. However you use these natural elements, it’ll help to create an inviting space indoors while the harsh weather is outdoors.

Think about how you’ll be using different spaces in your custom home during the winter and spend time incorporating details that will make the home inviting and warm—even during the coldest winter days.

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