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Best Time to Build a Custom Home

If you’re looking into building a custom home, you can start the process at any time of the year. While the snow and cold weather can limit some parts of the construction, it’s often the best time to work on the design and is faster to get permit approvals.

It can take some time to go through the design phase of a custom build project. During the winter, you have the time to look through the plans, talk through alternatives and make revisions. Working through the winter also removes some of the time constraints, allowing for a more relaxed process.

Many permit offices are slower during the winter, so getting all the required paperwork approved could be quicker in the off months. This allows the project to move forward as soon as the weather is nice enough to start construction.

While the warmer months are better for some parts of the building process, you can get started designing your dream home any time of the year.

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