We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home!

Welcome to your Custom Home Design Building News, Tips and Information


Hello and welcome to Omega Homes’ new blog! Here you’ll find exciting news, tips and information about the wonderful world of custom home design building, to further bring forth our unwavering commitment towards your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in our impeccable attention to detail and our customer service. As our customers, your opinion matters to us most, and we want to bring you information each week that will not only broaden your knowledge of custom home design building but spark ideas within you to make your house the home you’ve always dreamed of.

As a registered Tarion custom home design builder, we guarantee that your home will be constructed just as you wish and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Omega Homes specializes in modern, chic and stylish homes through a precise balance of creativity and excellent communication. We want to help you build a magnificent home that matches your lifestyle, personality and needs in every way.

When you join us here on our blog each week, you’ll get a first hand look at some of the most exciting topics in custom home building and design. We’ll be covering a large variety of topics, including:

  • The biggest trends and upgrades available each season for every room in your home.
  • What to expect at every stage of the building process, whether it be home or lot.
  • How we’ll make your greatest dreams come true working together as a team.

We are always ready to adapt to your requests no matter what they may be. Omega Homes understands how emotional and critical the process of creativity in designing a custom home can be, so we’re always prepared to accept the changes you’d like to see. Our award-winning architects combined with our expertise and high-quality materials are ready to work with you to make your dream home your reality. We offer a great selection of services; from building a home design you have ready, to preparing a site for you, from seeking a lot, to building your dream home entirely from scratch!

Within our commitment to you, we always offer complete transparency about what we can do for you and how it will be done. Our blog is no exception– We are happy to accept any questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions you may have so we may provide you with well informed answers and get started on your brand new project.

As we always say, Omega doesn’t just build you a house, we build you a home, and our personal attention and touch makes all the difference. We can’t wait to share all of the exciting things we have to offer you and your dream home.

Once again, welcome to Omega Homes, and we’ll see you again soon.



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