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Tips to Properly Plan Lighting in Your Custom Home

Lighting makes a big difference but is often overlooked in home designs. It’s important to properly plan lighting because it can set the mood, affect functionality and add (or detract) from the overall aesthetic.

There are different types of lighting with specific purposes:

Ambient Lighting – General purpose lights that provide most of the illumination in your home.

Task Lighting – Concentrated lighting in a specific area. Under-counter lights in the kitchen are a good example.

Accent Lighting – Lights that help draw attention to something in the room. Often used to highlight art, sculptures, fireplaces or bookcases.

To properly plan lighting in your custom home, you need to think about the layout, purpose of each room and future furniture and placement.

  • Make sure there’s a suitable mix of three different types of lighting.
  • Think about how you’re going to use the room and ensure you have switches in convenient areas.
  • Discuss where you’d like to have the ability to dim lights and where an on/off function is better.
  • Take into account natural light and the effect different seasons will have on the level of light in each room.

Outside Lighting
Make sure there’s enough ambient light to move around and consider installing automated or sensor lights for additional safety. If you plan on spending a considerable amount of time outside after the sun’s set—you’ll want to properly plan lighting for your decks or other outdoor entertaining areas.

Even though the lighting is so important to the overall design of a home—it often gets overlooked. The staff at Omega Homes knows the importance of having the right lights installed in every room and we work hard to ensure each space in your home is inviting and properly lit. When we work on a project, we ensure that no detail is overlooked and we walk our clients through every step of the custom home building process—from finding the perfect lot to picking out final finishes.

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