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How Much Square Footage Do You Really Need in Your Ottawa Custom Home?


When you begin the custom home building process, there are a number of decisions you’ll have to make. One of the earliest decisions you’ll face is deciding how big you want your home to be. The amount of square footage you’ll need will be dependent on your lot’s size, zoning bylaws and your specific needs and future plans.

Lot Size and Zoning Bylaws
There are zoning bylaws that dictate how big a home can be on certain lot sizes. Understanding these restrictions and how to build an Ottawa custom dream home while complying with all relevant regulations is an important part of the design process. Once you’ve ascertained what the city will allow, you can calculate how much square footage you’ll need to be comfortable.

Lifestyle and Future Plans
When trying to determine how much square footage you need in your Ottawa custom home, you’ll have to consider a number of factors.

  • How long will you be living in the home and how will the size of your family change over that time?
  • Do you expect to entertain guests with large parties or host overnight guests often?
  • Are you expecting elderly family members to move in with you one day?

The amount of square footage you’ll need will be dependent on a number of factors. Working with experts in the Ottawa custom home business will help ensure that you correctly navigate the often confusing world of bylaws and walk you through the design process to help ensure the home you’re building will be the perfect size for you and your family.

At Omega Homes, we work with you hand-in-hand to ensure we achieve exactly what you wish to see in your new home. Our group of top architects, designers and trades are always ready to adapt to your ideas and welcome a new challenge. Their work along with our fully-trained and licensed staff forms into your perfect team to make your dream home a reality.

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