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Is it Better to Renovate or Rebuild a Home?

If your home is in the perfect location, but the house itself doesn’t fit your needs, you have two options: renovate or rebuild. If you plan on staying in your home for a long time, it usually makes more financial sense to tear down and rebuild than spend money on continuous renovations.

Rebuilding Your Existing Home
Some people dismiss the idea of a rebuild because it seems overwhelming, but when working with a custom home builder that’s familiar with infill properties, the process is simple and straightforward.

Renovation Misconceptions
One of the biggest problems with renovating your home is that there are always surprises. Even the best contractors can’t foresee every type of problem you might encounter, and once you start opening walls the costs to upgrade the electrical or replace the insulation can quickly add up. With a rebuild, you’re starting from scratch, so there are fewer surprises.

Every detail of the home, from the floorplan to the faucets are carefully thought out, budgeted and put on a time-line. With this level of organization, rebuilding a home to be your dream house is actually less stressful than a renovation.

If you love your neighbourhood and your land, but hate your home, consider working with a custom home builder like Omega Homes to design and build the house of your dreams.

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