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Planning an Income Suite into Your Dream Home


Many people consider adding an income suite into their homes. Not only can these spaces generate additional income, they can also be used as an in-law suite for family members. There are many benefits to including an additional — but separate — living space into your home. However, there are also bylaws and building and aesthetic considerations to take into account when planning for an income or in-law suite into your dream home.

There are often bylaws dictating how and when an income suite can be incorporated into your design. Some areas outright forbid them, while others require certain conditions be met. Make sure you understand all the required bylaws concerning a secondary suite in your home before adding it to your design.

Building Considerations
A lot of thought has to be put into designing a secondary suite. You’ll want to create a space that is comfortable, safe and healthy while providing enough privacy from your main home. In addition, there are often specific building requirements that have to be met when building a secondary suite.

Aesthetic Considerations
You’ll also want to consider how an income suite fits into your overall home design. Will you carry finishes from the main home through the secondary suite? Or will it have a completely different aesthetic? Where will windows and doors go to maximize sunlight, but also provide privacy?

An income suite can provide many benefits to homeowners, but it has to be properly thought out and planned. Partner with a reputable firm to help you navigate all the decisions and choices that need to be made regarding a secondary suite.

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