We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home!

Pick the Perfect Siding Option for Your Custom Home

Pick the Perfect Siding Option for Your Custom Home


First impressions matter and when looking at a home for the first time, often what stands out most is the siding. When designing a custom dream home, it’s important to choose the right siding option—one that is aesthetically pleasing and will provide your home with the protection it needs.

Stone Siding
Stone is an elegant siding option that adds a luxurious feel to your home. A stone veneer is an option that appeals to many homeowners for its durability and quality.

Stucco Siding
Stucco is regarded as one of the most elegant and stylish materials available on the market. We use a system which combines multiple layers that provides an exterior that is both durable and eye-catching.

Wood Siding
Can be used for either a modern look or a rustic look, some homeowners choose to install wood siding. Two popular options are clapboard—thin, overlapping planks— or shake and shingle—distinct overlapping wood pieces. Wood siding can be painted or stained in a variety of colours, but does require periodic maintenance.

Brick Siding
A classic look, brick continues to be a popular siding option. Depending on your needs and budget, a brick veneer siding can be installed on your custom dream home.

When designing your custom dream home, you don’t have to select only one siding. You can mix and match different siding options to create a stunning design. At Omega Homes, our design experts can help you find the perfect material for your home. For some inspiration, take a look at client’s exteriors here!

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We employ a group of top architects, designers and trades in that allows us to turn your dream into a reality. At Omega Homes, we don’t just build you a house, we build you a home.

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