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Benefits of Living in Carp

Benefits of Living in Carp

Benefits of Living in Carp

If you’re interested in living in the Ottawa area, consider building a custom home in Carp with Omega Homes. Carp was once known for being a sleepy small town without much going on, but it is quickly becoming a rural suburb sought after by prospective homebuyers all over Ottawa. The Village of Carp offers what many new developments promise, but fall short of, community.

A Bit About Carp
Carp, Ontario, is part of the West Carleton-March Ward of Ottawa. This small rural community is located roughly 33 kilometres west of downtown Ottawa, with its name coming from the Carp River, which runs through the village. For a long time, Carp only offered dated homes, but now that prospective buyers can develop there, it has become an up and coming suburb. Residents love living in Carp because they can retreat to a quiet rural suburb, while still only being a 30-minute commute from downtown Ottawa. That being said, there’s a lot to do in Carp, so you likely won’t feel an overwhelming need to go downtown unless it’s for work.

The Community
Although Carp is growing, it doesn’t have the vast expanses of land needed for large-scale shoebox developments, so those who live in the community are very close. Carp’s historic downtown makes you feel like you’ve travelled back in time and helps residents take a step back from the chaos of working in the city. As you walk through the streets, you see neighbours conversing, and groups of children riding bikes and playing at the parks. Residents living in Carp also enjoy the fact that they can easily walk from the residential areas to the downtown core, where they can pick up their necessities from various stores or eat at one of the many restaurants.

There are a number of education options available to families living in Carp. Huntley Centennial Public School is one great option, with the grades ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The Carp Co-operative Nursery School is also located in Carp for children who are not yet old enough for elementary school. Currently, there are no secondary schools in Carp, but the West Carleton Secondary School is only 15 minutes away.

Outdoor Recreation
Carp was designed for families to enjoy as much time as possible outdoors, and for kids to enjoy being kids. There are tennis courts, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds for organized sports and recreational use. There are also multiple parks and splash pads where kids can enjoy some summer fun. Carp is close to several golf courses as well, so adults can have their summer fun too. The Irish Hills Golf & Club and the Loch March Golf & Country Club are the closest courses.

Ottawa residents know that the summers are short-lived, but not to worry, there are lots of activities in Carp for the winter months as well. The village has outdoor hockey rinks so residents can enjoy pick-up games of shinny. There is also an indoor hockey rink and a curling club for days when it’s too cold to be outside.

Shopping & Dining
There is a grocery store and liquor store located in town, as well as many smaller boutique shops and a renowned farmers market. There are several large box stores located just outside of the village as well. Carp also has a surprising amount of restaurants for a small rural suburb, all of which are independently owned, so you’re sure to have a unique dining experience at each of them. If you know anyone living in Carp, they have probably raved about the food at Alice’s Village Café. The Juke Soul Kitchen is another great restaurant in the area, known for its exceptional menu. There’s even a brewery, Ridge Rock Brewing Company, located right in the heart of Carp.

Events & Attractions
The biggest attraction in Carp is the fairgrounds. Throughout the summer, there are events like car bingos and horse shows held on the grounds. Once a year, the Annual Carp Agricultural Fair is held there, and it has become one of the most popular rural fairs in all of Ontario. The fair features a number of agricultural exhibits, a midway, various shows, musicians, and even a strongman competition. There are tons of rides and attractions for all ages as well.

Most Canadians have heard of the Diefenbunker, but very few realize it’s located in Carp. For those who don’t know the Diefenbunker was constructed to protect government officials, primarily the prime minister, in the event of a nuclear attack during the Cold War era. The bunker has since been turned into a very interesting and eye opening museum.

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Custom Home Building Process
At Omega, it’s important to us that our clients know what to expect when we start the process of building their custom home. We’re there for you every step of the way, from finding the perfect lot to picking out the final intricate details that will turn your custom build into your dream home. Once your home is complete, we will be available to you for any warranty concerns and all necessary aftercare.

Before we start any build, we take the time to sit down with clients and discuss exactly what they want. Involving our clients in the design process ensures that they get a home unique to their taste that they will love for years to come. We openly discuss budgets with every client and break down the costs associated with building a custom home so that our clients are never left in the dark.

About Omega
We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home. We assemble the top architects, designers, and trades personnel to work in conjunction with our experienced and licensed staff in order to make your dream home a reality. As a Tarion Custom Home Design-Builder, we feel it is our responsibility to be adaptable to each client’s individual needs. There’s no job we can’t handle, and we will do whatever it takes to meet your requests with high-quality results. Our architects and designers are always looking for new and exciting challenges, so the only limit is your imagination.

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