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Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Custom Home

Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Custom Home

When building a custom home, you have the opportunity to increase energy efficiency by making smart design and building decisions. Not only does improving energy efficiency help keep monthly energy bills low, but it also lowers your carbon footprint which is better for the environment.

There are a few decisions you can make when designing your home to improve energy efficiency. Passive strategies, like positioning the home on your lot to take advantage of the sun’s heat in the winter can help lower heating costs. Landscaping choices, such as planting trees in places that will provide shade to the house in the summer can help take the load of the air conditioner.

During the design phase, you also have the opportunity to include smart technologies. Smart thermostats and voice-activated home assistants can make your life easier and also help keep your home energy efficient by turning off lights, heat, or the AC when the home is empty.

Choosing high-quality materials and ensuring the home is free of air leaks is the best way to build an energy-efficient home. Using quality insulation, windows and doors can help prevent energy loss and keep your home comfortable year-round. It’s also important to select the right appliances to create an energy-efficient custom home without sacrificing comfort. From radiant flooring to high-efficiency washers—there are many ways to keep your dream home green.

When you build a custom home, it makes sense to be as energy-efficient as possible. At Omega Homes, we incorporate green practices and energy-efficient technologies into your luxury dream home.

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