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FAQ: Custom Home Warranties

When building a custom home, a common question homeowners have is what kind of warranty and after-service care is offered.

At Omega Homes, part of our build process includes warranty and after service care because we believe it’s important to provide assistance, even after our clients have moved into their dream home. We’re always available to clients if they have any questions or concerns and we’re a Tarion-registered builder, so all our projects come with a limited seven-year warranty.

After a custom home is built, but before clients move in, we schedule a pre-delivery inspection (PDI). During this walkthrough, we go through every room, explaining how mechanical systems work, answering any questions and marking areas that need some attention before move-in day. Our goal during a PDI inspection is to ensure that our clients are comfortable with all the different home systems and are satisfied with the quality of finishes. A thorough walkthrough can help avoid any surprises or concerns during move-in day.

Once the inspection is complete and our clients have moved in, we’re still available for any warranty issues. Omega Home is a Tarion-registered home builder which provides homeowners with a seven-year limited warranty that covers against a variety of scenarios.

Should anything go wrong with a client’s dream home, we work quickly and diligently to ensure their complete satisfaction.

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Omega Homes has experience building custom homes in Ottawa and we specialize in adapting to our client’s needs and budget. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are proud to be able to help our clients through the whole custom home building process.

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