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Custom Kitchen Countertops for Your Dream Home


The kitchen is arguably the most important room of your home and is often the place you and your family spend most of your time. Whether you are choosing to remodel or building your new home from the ground up, there are many aspects to consider about your new kitchen. This week, we’ll go through some of the best and most popular options available for kitchen countertops, letting you decide which one feels like home to you.


A classic selection for kitchen countertops, granite’s look is natural and is always one-of-a-kind. It’s a good choice throughout the kitchen as it endures heat, nicks, splashes, and other kitchen mishaps. However, granite does need to sealed on a regularly to prevent stains from sinking into the stone, and it is very heavy – which means that it must be supported by sturdy cabinetry.


Likely the most elegant looking material to add to your kitchen. Marble stands up to heat best, because it maintains a cool temperature at all times. On the other hand, marble is the most susceptible stone to stains, even when it is regularly sealed, and can be easily scratched and chipped. It is very porous, so it’s best used as an accent within the kitchen, rather than throughout.


Quartz countertops are actually crafted with chips of quartz that have been tinted with colour and then mixed with resin. This makes it easier to maintain and allows it to be available in a vast variety of colours and patterns. Although it does look less natural than granite does, a quartz countertop balances high durability with an attractive finish.


Kitchen countertops made of soapstone are the fastest-growing in popularity in recent years. It adds a comfortable feel to the kitchen and darkens with age, adding depth to its look. Soapstone requires that you polish it with oil often and you must keep in mind that it can be scratched and nicked quite easily, like marble.

Stainless Steel

That’s right, stainless steel kitchen countertops are increasingly all the rage. Virtually indestructible, stainless steel is heat-resistant and easy to disinfect. Keep in mind that fingerprints show up easily and that a dent in stainless steel is hard to miss, so if you do a lot of cooking involving heavy pans, a stone countertop may be a better fit!


For the modern home, concrete is the kitchen countertop of choice. You can enjoy a variety of tints, finishes, and decorative inlays to truly make it your own. Concrete is great for heavy use in the kitchen, but doesn’t stand up to heat as well as granite. And just like granite, concrete is extremely heavy and requires those sturdy cabinets, too.

When everything is resting on your countertops, customizing the ones that look and feel best to you is vital for your comfort in your home. Omega Homes custom-makes your kitchen countertops to tailor to your dream home’s look.

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