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Custom Home Trends for 2021

Custom Home Trends for 2021

Custom Home Trends for 2021

Embarking on the journey of building a custom home is an exciting experience, but selecting the right design trends for your custom home can be overwhelming at times. A lot of soon to be homeowners tend to look to the past for inspiration, but the key to choosing the right trends lies in looking to the future. We’ve compiled a couple of design trends that are predicted to be popular in the upcoming year to help you design the custom home of your dreams.

Textured Walls
In terms of stylistic trends, textured walls are expected to be one of the hottest custom home design trends of the year. It’s one thing to hang art on your walls, but why not make the walls themselves a work of art. There’s no need to hire a muralist though, you can easily add aesthetically pleasing texture to your walls using several different mediums. Natural elements are a big part of why this design trend is so popular because they add an earthy feel to your home while still maintaining a modern ambiance. Marble, stone, and wood beams and pillars are an excellent way to add a touch of texture to any wall. If you want to go for a more immersive effect, you can use wall panels to give an accent wall or an entire room an elegant touch of depth and dimension. You can also use textured wallpapers to achieve the appearance and sensation on a large scale without the commitment of using panels and pillars.

Luxury Master Bathrooms
While elegant master bathrooms might not seem like anything new, the design trends that will be implemented to create them in the upcoming year are anything but dated. When you’re designing the master bathroom for your custom home, remember luxury never goes out of style. Large, glass-walled showers are modern and stylish, but you can make them even more luxurious. Installing a bench seat and steam function in your shower gives you the option of using it as a steam room as well, and there are few things more relaxing than a good steam. As we mentioned above, textured wall coverings are going to be in next year, and the most popular choice for bathrooms is large slabs of marble. The unique swirls of colour in marble create a soothing ambiance, and they’ll give your master bathroom a Zen, spa-like ambiance. When it comes to vanities, you’ll want to go with a modern minimalist design and finish it with a natural stone or concrete countertop. You can accent your beautiful vanities with a unique sink and faucet. These days, there are a ton of options when it comes to sinks, and most of them look like they could double as a piece of art. Another key to any luxury master bathroom is a large soaker tub. If possible, place your tub near a window so you can soak in the tub and the beauty of nature.

Multi-Purpose Rooms
Multi-purpose rooms are another custom home design trend that will be on the rise in the new year. With many of us spending the majority of our time at home, we are having to find new and creative ways to get the most out of every space in our homes. Rooms that double as home offices are at the top of this list because many of us are now working from home indefinitely. Spare rooms are the most popular choice for multi-purpose rooms because of how infrequently they are used. If you’re going to have your spare room double as an office, you want to create a space that allows you to focus and be productive. Sliding barn doors are a great way to divide a room because you can use them to hide the distractions of a bedroom or cover up your workspace when you do have company. If you want your multi-purpose room to function primarily as a workspace, using a murphy bed is the perfect way to achieve this. When you don’t have company, they sit disguised as an armoire or large cabinet, and once you open them up, your home office becomes a guest room in the blink of an eye. Also, with many of us turning to hobbies for entertainment during these times, you can work with your contractor to create a space that caters to the needs of your unique pastime. Whether it’s painting, pottery, or woodworking, you can create a space to enjoy your hobbies without sacrificing a functional room in your home with the flexibility offered by multi-purpose rooms.

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