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The Advantages of Synthetic Stucco for Your Home


At Omega Homes, we always aim to help our customers choose the very best in quality products and styles to make their dream home a reality. Stucco, also known as synthetic stucco or EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) has become one of the leading finishes on homes, and for good reason! It has many unique advantages compared to other siding that makes it a great choice for many homeowners.

This form of synthetic stucco (or EIFS) consists of:

  • Insulation Board: which is made of a special foam that is secured to the exterior wall area of your home with a specifically formulated adhesive for durability.
  • Durable & Waterproof Base Coat: applied onto the insulation and reinforced with a special fiber glass mesh for further support.
  • Top Coat: the durable, attractive finish we see on homes that is typically made from acrylic co-polymer which retains its colour and is crack-resistant.

But what exactly makes synthetic stucco so appealing?

  1. Promotes Energy Efficiency & Low Indoor Noise

Among the advantages of stucco is that it has multi-layers and thus becomes an excellent insulator for your home. It helps to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This layered synthetic stucco also helps to reduce the noise transmission in your home. This is especially useful to homeowners who will be living in areas near highways or busy neighbourhoods.

  1. Moisture Resistant

Although the initial cost of stucco is higher than other types of siding for your home, it pays off by how durable it is for years to come and how little maintenance it requires, especially when it comes to elemental resistance. Synthetic stucco is made to be as waterproof as possible and can even hold any moisture away from the inside of your home if it somehow does manage to get through its layers.

  1. Aesthetic

Stucco can be mixed to create the exact colour you’d like your home to be. It looks especially great when starkly contrasted with a different colour in doors, shutters, garage, and other exterior accents. You can also choose from textures, finishes, shapes and other details to make your siding look just the way you’ve envisioned it. Synthetic stucco is extremely flexible, allowing homeowners to add exterior ornaments and other accents to their home that other siding finishes could not hold.

Omega Homes proudly offers our customers the ability to add their personal touch to their dream home! We take special care in planning and the products we use to provide you with the very best in custom home design.

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