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5 Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder

Before committing to working with a custom home builder, make sure you’re familiar with their level of experience and knowledge. To get the conversation started, make sure you ask the following five questions.

1. How familiar are you with the area?
There are many different neighbourhoods to build your custom home in Ottawa and each comes with its unique building challenges. Working with a company that is familiar in the area you’re looking to build is invaluable as they’ll have experience with weather and soil considerations, bylaws and other location-specific issues.

2. Can you provide references?
Building a custom home is an investment of time and money so it’s imperative that you research the company you’re considering working with. Don’t be afraid to ask the builder to provide references from previous clients and if they’re currently working, or recently completed a home, you might even be able to visit to get a better sense of their style and work quality.

3. Are you full-service?
Managing a number of different companies can quickly become a headache, so it’s best if the custom home builder offers a full range of services, from helping you secure financing and real estate to designing the home and helping you pick out final finishes.

4. Can I walk through my home during construction?
It’s normal to want to be able to check on the progress of your home, so inquire what the policies are to visit the worksite. Remember, since this is an active construction site, you’ll likely be asked to pre-arrange a time to visit to ensure it’s safe for visitors.

5. Are you registered with Tarion?
All Ontario custom home builders must be registered with Tarion to build and sell homes legally in Ontario. When looking for a home builder, It’s important you ask if they are registered, and in good standing, with Tarion.

Omega Homes has built numerous custom homes in and around Ottawa and has earned a reputation for high-quality service. We help our clients through every step of the custom home process, from viewing land to picking out final finishes.

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