We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home!

2018 Home Design Trends

2018 Home Design Trends


If you’re looking to update your home this year, keep our 2018 home design trends in mind!

More Colourful Kitchens
Add some style to your kitchen in 2018 with a bold colour choice. Try a soothing dark blue for cabinets or a matte red stove. Remember that you can add a pop of colour to the space without overdoing it—for example, white upper cabinets and coloured lower cabinets.

You can also add a pop of colour to black splashes. There are a number of luxury tiles available that can customize your kitchen and add a subtle (or dramatic) splash of colour!

Custom Millwork Details
Perfection is in the details and that’s why a top 2018 home design trend is custom millwork. Instead of just installing factory-made window or base trim, consider custom decorative woodwork instead, this will most likely increase home value as well as catching your eye.

One thing that never goes out of style is a well-built, custom home that fits your needs. When you choose quality materials, quality construction and work with a quality team—you can rest easy knowing that your home will be stylish and trendy today and into the future!

We employ a group of top architects, designers and trades in that allows us to your dream into a reality. At Omega Homes, we don’t just build you a house, we build you a home.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help get you started on the journey to build the custom home of your dreams.



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