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When looking at an unfinished basement, some people see a cold and empty storage space, at Omega Homes, we see a world of possibilities.

We understand that finishing your basement is more than just a project. It’s an investment in your home. Whether it’s custom design, quality materials and craftsmanship or a truly trustworthy service provider, you’ll get everything you could ever want from Omega Homes – including your dream basement renovation!

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Full Service Solution 


Our diverse team of professionals will help you with each step of the renovation process without once having to consult outside consultants. From initial vision to the final build, Omega Homes is ready to make your dream basement a reality!


The first step to designing the perfect basement renovation is having a clear understanding of what you want out of the project. Sit down with our team of expert consultants and designers to help envision your perfect basement renovation whether that means a home theatre or a basement apartment.


Once you feel happy with your vision, it’s time to begin working towards it! Our team of designers will begin to map out your basement renovation through a custom-tailored design to ensure every detail is accounted for including time and price management.


Once the design is approved by you, our team will begin the best part of the job: realizing your vision! We understand how important it is for the homeowners to be in the know regarding their renovation, so they’ll be keeping you included by walking you through the process every step of the way.

How Much Does Basement Renovation Cost in Ottawa?

There is no simple answer to that without knowing the details of the house and what finishes you would like. The price for the entire project depends on schedule, finishes, difficulties and extra work may be needed, which is not seen at first (such as cracks in foundation, electrical deficiencies, or even water leaks.) Contact Omega Homes if you have a budget or would like to know how much your basement renovation would cost and one of our professionals are happy to provide you with a detailed quote.

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