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We offer project management services to guide you through the entire planning, design, and construction phases of your project, while ensuring that quality, cost and schedule objectives are met. There is a misconception that this level of project management requires contractors to be firm and boss clients around, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Project management for custom homes is all about the relationship between clients and the home builder, which comes down to three key factors, communication, budgeting, and scheduling.

The main focus of our custom home project management service is to create a detailed plan and budget that leads to the delivery of a home build that you will love. Our project managers will work with you through each and every detail of your custom home, no matter the size or location. This alternate way of building your home allows for more flexibility throughout every step, from floor-plans through to finishing touches.

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In order to ensure that we can meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, we need to what they are beforehand. We are a full-service custom home builder, which means we can complete your dream home from the initial planning phase to the final coat of paint, and our team is responsible for every aspect of the project management. We also believe in transparency, which is why we communicate with our clients throughout every phase of the project and involve them as much as possible when making decisions and formulating plans.

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Generating an accurate budget for a custom home build and sticking to it is a skill that only comes from years of experience, and it’s an important part of project management. At Omega, we pride ourselves on completing every project on time and on budget. We work with our clients to find a way to make their dream homes a reality within their budget without sacrificing sought-after features.

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As you research custom home builders in an attempt to find the best one for your project, one thing that you’ll notice many of them differ greatly on when it comes to project management is scheduling. Many companies will under-quote their timelines to entice prospective clients to choose them, and others will quote longer timelines so they can complete multiple projects at the same time. At Omega, we believe in being open with our clients, which is why we always develop realistic and efficient timelines, and we do everything within our power to stick to them.

Custom Home Building Process 

At Omega, it’s important to us that our clients know what to expect when we start the process of building their custom homes. We’re there for you every step of the way, from finding the perfect lot to picking out the final intricate details that will turn your custom build into your dream home. Once your home is complete, we will be available to you for any warranty concerns and all necessary aftercare.  

Before we start any build, we take the time to sit down with clients and discuss exactly what they want. Involving our clients in the design process ensures that they get a home unique to their taste that they will love for years to come. We openly discuss budgets with every client and break down the costs associated with building a custom home so that our clients are never left in the dark. 

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About Omega Homes

We don’t just build you a house, we build you a home. We assemble the top architects, designers, and trades personnel to work in conjunction with our experienced and licensed staff in order to make your dream home a reality. As a Tarion Custom Home Design-Builder, we feel it is our responsibility to be adaptable to each client’s individual needs. There’s no job we can’t handle, and we will do whatever it takes to meet your requests with high-quality results. Our architects and designers are always looking for new and exciting challenges, so the only limit is your imagination. 

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