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Choosing the Best Lot for Your Ottawa Custom Home


Before you can begin to design your custom home or pick out finishes—you have to decide where to build. It’s important to pick the right lot for your Ottawa custom home since it’s the foundation for your custom build and will guide the overall aesthetic of your home.

When looking for a lot, you can either search on your own or work with an Omega Homes professional. Just remember that when looking at available lot options it’s important to take into consideration the location, surrounding amenities and lot size.

Location — One of the advantages of building an Ottawa custom home is that you can pick the location you want and then design the house you’ve always dreamed of. When deciding on a location, you’ll want to keep in mind things such as the commute time to work and back and local amenities.

Amenities — It’s important when choosing a lot to explore what amenities are nearby. Proximity to grocery stores, schools or community centres might be high on your list, or you might be looking to move out to the country and just need a small general store nearby. Make sure that you make a list of what amenities you need to have and ensure that any lot you consider fulfills your list.

Lot Size — You’ll want to have a general idea of how big a lot you need before you start looking. You’ll want to ensure you have adequate space to build a home to your specifications and still have some outdoor space. If you plan on spending a lot of time outside or would like a lot of privacy, a bigger lot is in order.

Once you’ve found and purchased the perfect lot for your Ottawa custom home, the experts at Omega Homes can help you with the next step of a custom home build. If at any time you find the process of lot selection overwhelming, we can always step in to help you out—just let us know.

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